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Take the #LiveYourLunchBreak challenge with Flexioffices!

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Do you make the effort to take a 30-60 minute lunch break most days? If so, what do you do during this time to unwind, let off steam or pass the time?

Surveys have suggested that as few as 30% of UK employees regularly take a lunch break, while more than a third of workers feel pressured to work through their lunch breaks[1]. In fact, according to health provider BUPA, “UK companies are losing close to £50million a day in lost productivity as workers fail to take a lunch break”[2].

As experts in helping businesses find their perfect office space, here at Flexioffices we understand and promote the importance of ensuring that your workplace is a healthy and productive one.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be working with wellbeing, lifestyle, culture and food bloggers who live and work in London to launch the Flexioffices campaign to take back the lunch break – whether it’s 30 minutes or a full hour – as time to socialise, revitalise and relax ready for the afternoon!

Take the #LiveYourLunchBreak challenge!

Are you ready to take the #LiveYourLunchBreak challenge? We’re asking you and your colleagues to spend one week during the next month ensuring that you take a break of at least 30 minutes every day doing something you enjoy.

To help you discover new things to see and do, we’ll be sharing advice from our city-wise bloggers about the best places to eat, meet, entertain yourself or simply enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

When your week is up, let us know how taking this dedicated time out in the middle of the day has contributed to your mood, given you more energy or made you feel more productive!

Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ using the hashtag #LiveYourLunchBreak – let’s reclaim the lunch break together!


[1] Source: Guardian Work Blog

[2] Source: BUPA

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