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Flexible office space in the UK: trends on the horizon for 2019

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The UK is currently witnessing a dramatic shift in attitude toward flexible office space, with fresh perspectives on what office space can offer an individual helping to drive the market forward. Providers are rising up to grow their offerings in order to meet the expectations of the millennial workforce and the businesses who’re looking toward the future in order to craft the perfect working environment to suit them.

Following on from the significant growth seen over the span of 2018, especially within the London-centric market, we’ve charted the course of various trends for 2019 which are set to further expand the markets both within London and across the rest of the UK. Flexioffice Market Report.pdf

Businesses who are interested in flexible office space are spending more time looking before they leap

In a manner akin to traditional property hunting, businesses are more willing to shop around multiple providers and view several buildings in order to secure the perfect office space for their employees. Meeting the expectations of the workforce you’re looking to attract is key, and creating the ideal working environment is a tangible way of doing this. Offering workspaces which can adapt to millennial concepts of working – specifically collaborative approaches – is a must, which is something that legacy space can really struggle to do.

London has seen more deals being made for bigger office spaces

The London market is continuing to surge, building on the rising interest levels seen in 2018. Mid-sized deals (6-19 desks) have seen an increase of over 30%, while large-sized deals (20+ desks) are up by 15%, showing that there’s a growing demand for bigger flexible office spaces within the capital. A key takeaway from this is that larger organisations are starting to see flexible offices as a viable option going forward, steering away from traditional leased offices.

Prices are becoming more competitive in order to address the growing interest and rise in the number of available flexible office spaces

As more and more offerings enter the market, prices are falling in order to bring in more business. The amount of new buildings being taken up by flexible office spaces has fuelled growth within the sector to match the growing demand. Taking into account a mix of greater interest and more options means that prices have needed to be more competitive on the whole.

Clients are looking for longer contract lengths when applying for flexible office spaces

Clients are requesting longer contract lengths from flexible office space providers, an attitude which has pervaded all markets up and down the UK. This signals a real shift in the perception of flexible office space as a longer-term business solution, and that once the right space has been found, businesses are wanting to secure it for as long as possible. It’s also likely that the longer contract lengths suit the providers as well given the increasingly competitive nature of flexible office space market.

Growth isn’t as prominent outside of London and prices vary on a larger scale

While there’s interest in the different flexible office space markets across the UK, London remains the hotspot where the most growth can be seen. Outside of the capital, the number of deals remains mostly static and prices seem to fluctuate more based on the region, reflecting the amount of interest in business hubs in cities like Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle.

As these trends play out as we get further into 2019, Flexioffices plans to use its depth of experience within the flexible office space markets to help businesses find the right space and navigate the present market landscape. Being an independent means that we are perfectly placed to offer a comprehensive overview on upcoming trends and can utilise this insight to benefit our clients. If you’re interested in seeing how flexible office space could work for you then get in touch.

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