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Team Building in the Workplace - Strong Teams Mean Strong Businesses

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Authored by Flynn Forster - Content Marketing Lead  

Published 27/10/2022 

 Team Building in the Workplace - Strong Teams Mean Strong Businesses.


In the modern workplace, team building is more important than ever. It’s not just about how to build a team of people who are able to work together effectively; it’s also about the way that all employees can feel valued and part of a family-like unit. A lack of teamwork and cohesion in an office can cause a number of issues, such as an inability to work together to solve problems and issues, which can have a detrimental impact on company culture.

What is team building in the workplace?

It's a series of planned activities intended to get co-workers to open up to each other, share experiences, and build trust. Team building is an opportunity for everyone to get together and work towards a common goal—and there's nothing more bonding than having to work together.

Team building is very important for any company as it affects the overall performance of the employees. Various team building activities are done in order to enhance the performance of the employees and create a friendly environment. Some examples of good team building activities could be: paintball, escape the room challenge, and even those after work drinks.

Team building is one of the most important aspects of business. In fact, it’s more important than money, time and energy to the success of a company. The importance of teamwork means that businesses can’t afford not to invest in team building.

The workplace is a place where you spend a large chunk of your day. It’s where you interact with different personalities and build connections with your colleagues and superiors. Therefore, it is important to have a healthy working environment that promotes collaboration, hard work and results. Here are a few ways to create such an environment:

• Communication is key.

You can never really have a fully collaborative team without good communication. That’s why you should take the time to encourage regular communication within your team. When you encourage communication, it will result in better cohesion and faster problem-solving.

• Encourage teamwork.

It is not enough that you have good communication; you should also encourage collaboration among your team members.

• Use Technology

As technology becomes more advanced, offices are shifting to a paperless environment. Companies are also investing in modern technological solutions like video conferencing, virtual meetings and online meetings to build a more efficient office space. Apart from keeping the work environment clutter free, these modern technologies allow for everyone to be connected at all times. This means that information is transferred in a timely manner and decisions are made faster.

What is a good team building activity?

A good team building activity can be anything that you do together as a team in some way that promotes teamwork and a feeling of connectedness through shared experience. An ideal team building activity should follow the principles of learning and challenge, fun, flow, and reflection.

Here are three suggestions:

1) Team building games. These activities can help break down the barriers among team members and encourage team participation.

2) Sport and games. Physical activities help in building trust and camaraderie among the team members.

3) Group discussions.

What is the main purpose of team building?

To develop team spirit and stronger relationship between the team members.

What are the ways to measure employee engagement?

1) Team loyalty

2) Team motivation

3) Team commitment

4) Team performance.

4) Sense of achievement.

5) Job satisfaction.

6) Sense of belonging.

How do you organise a team building event?

First, should be the date and time of the activity. Second, the venue and the activity should be decided. Third, need to discuss what food and drink is available.

Fourth, should be the development objectives if needed (remember it’s about the team coming together and building relationships between colleagues.)

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