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Office design trends to look out for in 2015

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Since we asked Paramount Interiors to look at the trends in office interior design for 2014 last year, we decided to get them back for their thoughts on 2015. If you’re considering a new office fit-out this year, here are the big interior trends you should look out for.

The touchy feely office

The smooth, minimal, sterile look that has been the mainstay of stark, white modern offices in the last 10 years is being replaced by more colourful, tactile surfaces. An eclectic use of natural materials and textures break up the flat monotony of the office walls and add areas of interest for people to gather and, if they really want to, have a quick feel.

Of the wall, of course!

Textured, preserved moss wall at Life Sciences Hub Wales’ offices


The sound absorbing office

While more and more businesses look to move towards an open plan layout that fosters collaboration in the workplace, a debate continues over the issues it raises regarding noise levels, lack-of-privacy and an absence of spaces for concentration. We predict that innovative solutions to these problems, like ceiling tiles, rafts, baffles, partitioning, screens, sound masking panels and seating will become more creative and act as features within an office design. ‘Pink noise’ is also being tested in some offices. Sounding a lot like a ventilation system or ocean waves, it shares the same frequency as the human voice, preventing people from getting distracted by nearby conversations.

Acoustic, noise dampening ‘ceiling clouds’ at Life Sciences Hub Wales’ offices


The ‘mash-up’ office

For 2015, we see the look of an office being less about maintaining a consistent corporate brand identity and more about creating a ‘mash-up’ of styles. Statement pieces of furniture, bold retro features, wall art and quirky accessories will continue the concept of the ‘domestic workplace’; creating an enjoyable working space that you’d feel just as comfortable living in. The focus will continue to be on creating informal spaces that encourage collaboration and interaction but we expect to see these spaces becoming more unique and individual to the business with their own personal touches added.

GoCompare.com’s Retro 70s Lounge


The shapely office

A good indicator for upcoming office design trends is the fashion world. This year, geometric shapes and bold, abstract prints are set to dominate the high street. This will not only be reflected in the textiles of office furniture and the patterns of wall coverings but also in the geometry of the space itself, with the positioning of partitions, floor designs and ceiling bulkheads creating exciting, angular shapes.

'Tail-fin’ column in Airbus’ Customer Experience Centre

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