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How to Find and Hire the Best Graduates for Your Business

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Finding the right graduate to compliment your business can be difficult. Despite the rise in tuition fees and the spiralling cost of university, candidates with degrees are far more commonplace than they ever have been - how does one sift through them? However, there is more to a potential applicant than just a BSc or a BA. Here are a few tips to help you separate the best from the rest:

Advertise to the right people:

If your company is based in finance, a first class honours in Star Wars is unlikely to help your company grow. Go straight to the universities that give students the skills you’re looking for. Redbrick universities are a good start and focussing on institutions who are strong in subject fields pertinent to your industry would also be worth a look. Research might take time, but it’ll be worth it.

Advertising to graduates before they actually graduate:

The best graduates are snapped up before they graduate, and to ensure the cream of the crop as well as those keen to quickly step onto the first rung of the career ladder, get in there early. Your job is to convince graduates that they want to work for you - it's not just about the graduate convincing you they are the right person to hire. Plus, the more applicants you have, the more chance there is of finding the person you’re looking for.

Make the position irresistible:

Make sure that you reach the widest spectrum of prospective employees by ensuring that your company sounds simply awesome. If you’re looking for a new angle for your company to take and some fresh eyes on current projects, don’t state what your company does now, but what you want your business to achieve. A challenge always comes across better to a newly qualified graduate  - they don't want to slot into a prehistoric ‘set in our ways’ company.

Let them know they could be the boss:

No one wants an employee who is happy sitting at the bottom of the ladder. Graduates want to make it to the top, and your company should want to build leaders of the future who are dedicated to ensuring progress. If you’re trying to fill a junior role, make sure the applicants are aware that it is entirely possible to reach for the stars. Sell the role on the training they’ll receive, the skills they'll acquire, and the opportunities available such as travel. Not only will this sell the position to candidates, but it means that you can train smart people to do exactly what you want and how you want it. If you can encourage them to stay with you on a long-term basis you have to make clear how their career can evolve.

Use social media to advertise:

Online marketing is big and recruiting using the internet shouldn't be excluded. The young people who you want to employ are well aware of social media - they are savvy and well versed; show them that you are too. Twitter and LinkedIn are probably the most beneficial platforms for finding a graduate employee. Keep up with trends to advance your company.

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