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11 Of The Best Apps For Commuting

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The average worker spends five weeks a year commuting to and from work. So what to fill the journey? Thanks to smart phones this needn’t be wasted time; whether it’s to test your brain or just pass the time, here are 11 apps to help your commute fly by.

77 Logic Games

Get your grey matter moving; 77 Logic Games does what it says on the tin, challenging brainteasers that increase in difficulty and with so much choice you’re guaranteed to find a puzzle you love.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Remember your first SEGA? I do and that’s why retro favourite Sonic the Hedgehog is worth wiling your work-journey away with in a trip down memory lane.


Sometimes the simpler games are better and that’s certainly true of Solitaire, this app allows you to play your favourite solo card game.

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack

The latest game from Lego comes in the form of LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack, in which you defend the Hero Factory with your own chosen and customised champion.

Angry Birds

No time-wasting countdown of apps would be complete without Angry Birds. Is it worth the hype? Quite frankly yes, it’s addictive; you’ll wish your commute was longer.

BBC iPlayer app

Of course your commute doesn't have to be all furious flyers and blue rodents, with the BBC iPlayer app you can watch your favourite programmes downloaded without an internet connection – perfect for a busy train or overloaded underground.


Myst is an adventure game in which you explore a mysterious abandoned island, a relaxing, meandering game that will keep you intrigued on any morning and you can try it for free then upgrade.


Your phone can also stand in the place of a Kindle thanks to the iBooks app so you can take your bookshelf with you and enjoy choice at the touch of a finger no matter what your mood.


If you love words there are plenty of puzzle and word searches out there. My personal favourite is Boggle, it’s a race against time to find as many words as you can in the 4 x 4 grid.

Super Turbo Action Pig

In the same addictive vein as Angry Birds, Super Turbo Action Pig is a simple, fun and visually appealing game in which you control a jet-packed porker, make time fly with flying pigs, what more could you want?

24/7 Language Learning

Last but by no means least; make productive use of your mornings and evenings with the 24/7 Language Learning range available, refresh your French, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin and Japanese.

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