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Tips for finding an office space both you & your employees love

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The decision to rent an office space is one of the first major commitments every growing company must eventually make. This decision is not only a huge commitment in terms of cost, but it is also critical to maintaining your company culture, your ability to recruit new employees, retain your current employees and maintain your team’s happiness.

Taking your team out for parties, organising events and offering bonuses are all good incentives for productive work - however what your employees really need, is a good working environment.

Here are our top tips to finding an office space both you and your employees will love.

Involve your team in the office research

This factor is crucial. Involve your team in the research to find the perfect office space. They’ll love that you have asked for their input and assist you in making the correct decision. Ask them to inform you of how they like to work, when they like to work and what they value the most out of an office space. Ask some of your employees to do their own research during office hours into specific locations, office buildings and amenities - with this data and information you can then discuss these options with the whole team.

By understanding the way in which they work, and where they like to work will help you to make an informed decision when choosing your office space.

Be considerate of your employees

We suggest mapping out where each of your key employees live, and from there begin searching for an office space that is convenient for each of them to travel to everyday. Deciding upon a centralized location, with great transport connections that is convenient for all is the most important consideration in finding the perfect office space location.

Office Design

Given that your employees spend over half of their waking hours in the office, it pays to design a comfortable and productive workspace. Employees will be much happier, satisfied and efficient if they get to work in a comfortable, creative and well designed office environment.

Involve your team in the office design process, we suggest creating a shared document where each employee can add items that they would like to see in the office. Whether this is photographs, rugs, lamps, chairs, bean bags etc.

Location, Location, Location

When deciding on location, it is important to factor in what that location means for your company, the location of your office space will reflect your brand's image. Choose a location that you and your employees are proud of, and that portrays your brands identity well.


Lunch meeting with an important client? After work drinks for a colleagues birthday? Need to pop to the supermarket on your way home from the office? It is important that your office is located near to a range of local amenities, restaurants, bars and shops. This will keep your employees happy, as they will be able to carry out chores during their lunch hours, or enjoy a drink after work near to their office. Keeping your employees satisfied and happy is extremely important.

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