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The 12 Most Awesome Companies To Work For

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There is a great myth that companies are the monoliths of the working world, moving slowly along and caring little for the needs either their consumers or their employees. They’re soul crushing, they pay badly, they encourage you to exercise and take care of yourself… The truth is that there are a great many awesome companies out there to work for, each providing a unique level of benefits to their staff. Here are 12 of the most awesome companies to work for.

1. Google

Google is well known for being generally rather awesome, certain financial polices aside. Employees rave about their mission, the culture of Google and the famous perks – entertainment, games, and 25 company cafes, all providing employees with what they need gratis.

2. Pixar

Working in animation is cool, but it’s pretty tough work. So employees are allowed to take breaks when they think they need it, attend free film screenings on site, and scoff down on their favourite cereal at a free cereal bar, stocked with over twenty of the most popular breakfast brands.

"Doesn't everyone's office has a pool table?"

3. American Express

Perhaps you don’t think of American Express and instantly think “Oh, wow, I totally want to work for them!” Maybe they can’t boast of free food and free games, but the company are interested in employing you for the long haul. Turnover is incredibly low, providing workers with great benefits and long-term employment.

4. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Turnover at this company is half the industry average, with employees citing a great working atmosphere, an understanding and conciliatory management scheme, and great benefits. You get to build stuffed toys and encourage children to be as loud as possible all day– brilliant!

5. Hasbro

The toy-making company invests a lot of time in the families of employees, including an annual Kid’s Carnival, a Santa Breakfast and plenty of Bring Your Child to Work Days.

6. Capital One

Another financial company that has a brilliant working atmosphere, the company believes in actively rewarding great employees. With encouraging management, recreational gyms, tuition reimbursement and weekly contests to win TVs and iPads, Capital One really care. When one employee’s father died suddenly, the company drove her to the airport, flew her home, and gave her unlimited time off. ‘Nuff said.

7. UKRD Group

A commercial radio operator, UKRD are one of the highest rated companies for job positivity in the UK. With a management culture based on being open and honest, the staff thrive on constant motivation and regular recognition. Gifts of recognition range from bottles of wine to concert tickets or even a day at the races. Employees also get cakes and presents on their birthday.

8. Bravissimo

With great childcare, pensions, and wellness programmes, the firm encourage colleague camaraderie, with a pottery course, shop staff acting as models in fashions shows, and landscaping days. Staff also get birthday and Christmas presents, and after ten years at the company, employees are given flowers, a dinner, and the choice of gift or a two-month unpaid sabbatical.

9. Expedia.com

As you would expect from a travel company, Expedia have excellent holiday leave (25 plus days a year) and after three years, workers receive an annual travel bursary, and all employees can book discounted travel. Wellbeing is prized, and all staff are given £850 to offset against sporting activities.

10. Lewis Silkin LLP

They offer all the usual awesome stuff – with flexible child care and maternity leave – but Lewis Silkin have a beehive installed on their office roof. Everyone knows that Britain’s bee population are under threat, so this firm have taken it to the next step. The honey cultivated in these hives is used in free lunches available to staff once a month. Very cool.

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