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Our fab Fruitdrop fruit delivery!

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As a company, we’ve recently been trying to think of ways we can improve the office environment for our employees. As a young team of keen gym members and sport enthusiasts, the traditional office treats of cakes and beers on a Friday afternoon have never really been received with a great deal of enthusiasm. When we were offered a Fruitdrop trial, we thought it would be ideal for us!

So on a Monday morning, instead of a guilt-ridden bacon sandwich to recover from the weekend with, we now have a box of fruit.  There’s been a definite shift in attitude in the office, with everyone eagerly awaiting our delivery and – when it arrives – it goes down well. Too well in fact, we don’t have enough! You can’t just take one piece; you have to take at least two because it looks so appealing. That and the fact that you have to get in there quick because everyone’s on it straight away!

Having the fruit to hand has meant that people have rediscovered their love for it and it’s encouraged them to eat it more. It’s had a great effect on the office as a whole too – more energy and enthusiasm from the team (something rather lacking before on a Monday morning) and learning to work together as a team… to share the last few grapes out!

Having the fruit delivered regularly means the team know that we’re doing something positive for them. It’s something they can look forward to and enjoy guilt-free.

“Fruitdrop has been a revelation! It has certainly had a positive effect on myself and also the rest of the team. I think just knowing that you’re putting something healthy in your body makes you feel good, rather than chomping on biscuits all day! Regular fruit deliveries will definitely have a positive effect on the whole office in my opinion.”  Nick Price, Business Account Manager.

“Young professionals in the office want a healthy snack and you don’t get much better for you than some quality fruit.”  Oliver Quigley, Sales Director.

“We’re all going bananas for the fresh fruit!”  Natalie Cooper, Business Account Manager.

“It’s great to have something healthy in the office to help with training – especially with summer approaching.”  Jimmie Brennan, New Business Account Manager.

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