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Top 20 Most Useful Office Gadgets

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We recently wrote a post on the most useless office gadgets; it made us laugh, but this time we thought we'd have a run down of a few objects which can make our lives a lot easier when we're at work.

1) Warmmi USB Heating Gloves

There's all sorts of USB devices capable of heating or cooling, most of them either completely useless or unnecessary. This one makes sense though, as cold hands do not write or type well. Good for those offices where the heating is never on.

2) USB Monster Hub – 16 or 24 Hub


What with all the new and strange USB devices being released, you'll need somewhere to plug them in, and this is the device that will help you do just that.

3) The Calculator, scientific or otherwise

This simple device has been in use for many a year, and still retains its usefulness. A back-to-basics device that probably won't be beaten until we all learn how to use an abacus.

4) Cable Clips

Tired of wires being unplugged from your computer and entering a morass of entanglement on the floor? Never fear, Cable Drop is here, saving your cables from a network of unravelable proportions.

5) Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System

The ultimate skiving device. Show this machine to a geeky boss, and they'll understand why your productivity has dropped, unless your job is to complete the Zelda games. Plays both NES and SNES games, and is compatible with Sega Genesis games with an adaptor. Can also connect to a TV for big-screen gaming. Quite possibly one of the greatest gadgets of modern times, and will bring a tear to any gamer's eye. There are some things more important than usefulness.

6) Blu Tack/White Tack

Ubiquitous and found in almost every workplace one can think of. Useful not just for putting up notices and posters, but also as an eraser and modelling adhesive. The Blu Tack vs. White Tack debate rages on to this day.

7) The Desk Tidy

No excuse for lost stationery, as the desk tidy keeps it all in one place. However, having all your pens in one place makes the desk tidy a target for pen thieves. Keep your most precious pens away from the desk tidy.

8) The Ballpoint Pen

This device, invented over a hundred years ago, is the office gadget of the ages. Less messy than most other types of pen and useful in all sorts of circumstances. Can even be used as a way of getting some cheap advertising, and those of a medical bent have used it to save lives. Most wouldn't even think this humble device to be a gadget any more.

9) The Ergonomic Keyboard

Designed to reduce muscle strains and various other problems, why the ergonomic keyboard isn't in wider use is a mystery. Why cause unnecessary strain and build up avoidable health problems?

10) Henry or Hetty Desktop Hoover

The well-priced, functional hoover shrunk down and distilled into a desktop hoover. Sandwich crumbs on the desk need never be a problem again.

11) Motion Sensing Personal Heater

Powerful, quiet and capable of heating a whole room. Great to have under the desk or as an emergency backup for when the boiler breaks.

12) The Original Silly Putty

A non-Newtonian fluid that can help relieve stress, strengthen your grip and secure your tools when in space. Silly Putty is a great invention and has many of the same capabilities as Blu/white tack (can be used to clean keyboards, transfer newspaper print etc.), but its primary use in an office environment is as a toy to chuck about and take your anger out on.

13) Lloytron Flexible Desk Lamp

Keeps your work area well-lit, thereby reducing strain on the eyes. The flexible neck means you can position the light source to go the way in which you want it to go.

14) Clip-On Cup Holder

Having drinks near electrical equipment is always a bad idea. This snazzy gadget clips onto the end of your desk and can hold your beverage and reducing the chance of damaging expensive equipment.

15) Solar USB Charger

This battery draws its charge from solar energy and can be used to recharge USB-chargeable electronic equipment. No need for plug sockets when the days are sunny.

16) The Perpetual Calender

You'll never have to buy another calender ever again. There are various types – get one that suits you.

17) USB Mail Notifier

Flitting between doing your work and having to check emails? This USB Mail Notifier will help save you time by lighting up whenever you receive a new email.

18) The Smartpen

Like a ballpoint pen, but memorises the things you write on the pen's memory stick. Can also record audio, so this pen is great when you have to use it to take notes in a lecture hall or dictation-type situations.

19) The Zippi Fan

We have things to keep you warm, but what about when you need to cool down? The Zippi Fan has you covered, and as it's a personal fan, you don't have to share your cool wind with anyone else.

20) Computer Glasses

We've seen those filter screens that help protect your eyes from strain caused by the glare of the monitor, but now we have a portable one that can be carried around in our pockets. Perfect for those who have to stare at computers everyday.

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