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Coworking vs. Traditional Office - Which Works For You?

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When considering your next office it is crucial that you know what kind of office is best for your business. The reasons for moving offices will be different for everyone but the process will often include relocating, accommodating employees and deciding whether you will want a coworking or traditional office space.

Do you need flexibility or a commitment?

When moving offices it is important to consider your future plans for growth and whether you can comfortably say you know what the future holds. A leased office space is perfect for your business if you are able to predict growth and have a long-term view of the amount of space you need now and further down the line. This will suit companies that are more established and prefer the commitment and security that a leased space provides. 

Coworking office spaces are best for companies that are experiencing quick growth, or those whose predicted growth is difficult to measure as they offer security of a contract without the pressure. If growth in your company means expanding into new markets or an intake of new employees, coworking spaces can make it easier to adapt to changing needs of collaborative style industries or different working patterns.

What style of working suits your business?

As part of your office move you will need to consider the way your business works and the type of space that best suits the culture of your colleagues. Traditional office spaces offer total control of your environment; you can guarantee the space you need and you have options to make a space your own, creating a culture and image specific to your business.

On the other hand, coworking spaces enable your business to adjust to today's trends centred around flexibility in the workplace and focus on a more collaborative culture. Coworking offices provide access to event spaces and breakout areas encouraging networking and business development as well as social opportunities across industries. Added to this, tenants will have access to a range of different facilities which are tailored  to the changing needs of the workforce including 24 hour access, bike storage, cafes and gyms.

What does your office need to say about you?

Considering your company image and maintaining it through the process of moving is essential. Authority over the branding of the office is one of the primary reasons why businesses will opt for a traditional office space and can be particularly important for companies with a distinctive image. A leased office space offers you control over how your office looks and a brand presence can serve to nurture company culture.

It is not always possible for a coworking office space to offer the same bespoke branding but they can often offer a stylish and modern design to provide smaller companies with a professional and consistent look. Providers of serviced offices will often try to encourage a collaborative culture in their aesthetic and the noticeable effort to remain ‘on trend’ is often a way to retain talent and impress clients.

What’s easiest for your business?

The process of moving offices can be difficult to navigate, especially if you have additional pressures of time and budget. Once your business is more established, a traditional office space may offer more security, control in decision making and can be less expensive in the long run. The commitment of a leased office space can provide peace of mind.

When a business is in an early or interim phase, a coworking space can make the moving process easier. Serviced offices require minimal effort, with no complicated paperwork and provision of the resources and people power to effectively deal with the move while ensuring BAU. Coworking offices take care of the details as they are ‘ready-to-go’ with amenities already set up, meaning you don’t have to worry about large upfront costs or maintenance.

Coworking spaces were once thought to be for startups and entrepreneurs, yet big businesses also are starting to see the benefits. Find out why larger industries are choosing coworking spaces here.

Still want to know more about what is best for your business? Speak to an expert today. 

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