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The Benefits Of Coworking Spaces

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Coworking office spaces are more popular than ever and in the first half of 2018, flexible office space has accounted for 27% of London take-up, cementing the capital as the leading global market for coworking. 

When it comes to picking your work environment, it’s worth considering the benefits of coworking spaces. If you are self-employed, a freelancer or the founder of a startup, working from home or a coffee shop can be tempting but not sustainable. Instead, locating yourself in a coworking space can offer a more structured atmosphere within an office environment where you are surrounded by like-minded people. 

Suitable for a vast range of industry types, larger businesses and corporations are also looking to get a piece of the action due to the wealth of advantages these shared office spaces can offer. Read on to find out how they may be beneficial for you. 


Working from home can be extremely distracting so by separating the two, you are forced to get out of the house each day while the structure of working typical office hours can help you to be accountable. A fixed location for your business can provide colleagues with a professional working environment and also gives remote workers a place to come to when necessary. 


Coworking office space offers a great deal of flexibility, particularly for new companies finding their feet. The ability to have short, all-inclusive contracts means you can focus on what counts for you and your business. The monthly price covers all rental and maintenance costs as well as access to communal and break out areas. Added to this, if you begin to experience growth, be it long term or overnight, coworking space allows for easy expansion. Download our Guide To Upscaling Your Office Space to find out exactly how easy it can be.


Coworking spaces provide a vast range of services and facilities that can often be extremely costly if you were to rent your own space. The majority come fully furnished, reducing initial set-up costs and allowing for a swift and easy move in. When it comes to the facilities shared offices provide, most include; meeting rooms, kitchens, admin support, security, bike racks, showers and much more. This means similar resources, opportunities and infrastructure across the board no matter the size of your business 


Coworking places you amongst new people on a daily basis which is an excellent way to boost your network and discover new business opportunities. You can also take advantage of having a wealth of people with different skill sets and knowledge at your fingertips which can be extremely beneficial. Coworking buildings also tend to hold regular events which encourages tenants to network and socialise in a relaxed and fun environment. 


By surrounding yourself with like-minded and hard working people, productivity and efficiency is likely to improve. Coworking office spaces foster an inspiring environment which can encourage creativity and ultimately improve motivation for you and your employees alike. 

Check out our website for the latest coworking spaces in London.

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