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How To Deal With Stress At The Office

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An office environment can be a stressful place. Deadlines, sitting in front of a computer screen, panicking about workloads, managerial meetings – all of these can leave even the sunniest among us feeling a little bit frazzled. Stress, as we all know, is 100% not a good thing, so it’s best to take some steps to avoid it before you start feeling the pinch.

Relax and breathe deeply

If you feel overwhelmed or under pressure, take a few minutes to sit back, clear your mind, and focus on breathing in and out. Think only of the passing of air into your body, holding it for a few seconds, and letting it out. You’ll feel calmer and more able to tackle the problem at hand. A few minutes of mental peace will give you clarity of mind. If you are able, meditation is a good means to unwind. Find a quiet corner, shut your eyes, relax your body and think about pleasant thoughts.

Take a break

Whether by taking five minutes to try and find some inner peace or by taking a quick stroll outside the building, taking the time to step away from what you’re doing is crucial to avoid stress. Taking the time for a little exercise – like walking up and down the stairs – will decrease stress levels and make you feel better.

Discover the joy of lists

Lists are wonderful things. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your workload, you need to invest in some serious organisation. To-do lists, charts, plans for when things have to be done or when they should be done will help lessen the load. You can set achievable goals for yourself and stop feeling crushed by a huge weight of unmanageable jobs.

Lighten up!

Laughter is a natural stress reliever. So smile more. Think positively. Take a few minutes to look up something funny online. Read a few funny tweets. Chat to a friend.

Sleep more

The electric lure of smartphones, surfing the web and watching just five minutes more of TV can cut into your sleep schedule. Try to make a commitment to going to bed earlier regularly. You’ll feel refreshed and the extra energy will improve your concentration at work.

Don’t worry

Lastly, you should remind yourself to worry less. Panicking and fretting over the small stuff or things you can’t change will tire you out and run you down.  Worry less and you should feel the stress lifting away from your shoulders.

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