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8 Things That Will Instantly Make Your Office Cool

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Everyone knows it’s a young folk’s game. Just exactly what ‘it’ is and where the playing pieces have been stashed are up for discussion, but it’s not hip to be square. So if want to make your office cool, below are some suggestions that won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard – promise.

1. An office pet

We’ve said it before – having an animal in the office is really good for office productivity and happiness. But they also make you look really laid back and cool, especially if you’ve got an exotic animal like a lizard, a snake, an adorable dog or maybe an overly aggressive goat.2. Table tennis

Sure, video games seem cool, but they’re not really on trend. What people really like is ironic retro hipster twists on classic sports presented in miniature – so, yeah, table tennis. Table tennis is super fun and perfectly designed to appeal to those ironic retro hipsters you undoubtedly want in your building.3. An in-house tattoo studio

Missing Link (a presentation company in South Africa) have an in-house tattoo studio in their office, ingeniously named Missing Ink (see what they did there?). There’s no better way to have a quick break between stressful meetings than by nipping in and getting a quick sleeve done.4. Slides

Who doesn’t love going down a slide in their best work clothes? The employees at Google certainly do, and if it’s good enough for Google, then it’s good enough for your workspace. Get in touch with your inner child and let yourself think and play – just make sure you don’t swap all your stairs. It might be an awkward journey back up.5. Beer on tap

Don’t miss your company kitchen when you become a hip and happening business. A dull place where tea mugs go to die and avocado is still an accepted colour is only going to hold you back. If you haven’t the time or the funds for a full refit, do half the work by installing beer taps with a plentiful supply. This way, your employees will actually see very little of the kitchen.6. Bowling alley

The scent of floor wax, sweat, and stale hot dogs… ah, is there any better smell to waft through your place of work? And that’s not to talk about the amazingly non-distracting sounds that come with a bowling alley; the crash of the ball on the pins, the whirl of the machines, and the beautiful combination of anguished howls and screams of pure delight. Surely, nothing could provide a better working environment.7. Swings

Chairs? You still want to use actual chairs in your office? Chairs are so old-fashioned. Hip and funky offices should not be seen with anything as pedestrian and dull as chairs. What you really want is swings. What could be more fun and useful than a nice swing?8. Scooters

All the cool people are travelling around their offices on fleets of scooters; the employees at Pixar, Mashable, Pop Cap Games, Facebook, and Google all have full scooter access. If you want to be thought of as well as all of these businesses, it’s time to learn how to make a wheelie. And make sure the company insurance covers all the inevitable accidents.

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