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7 Office Pranks To Pull On Your Co Workers

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Everyone loves a good prank. The giddy thrill of anticipation, the glee of a successful trick, and the giggle with the victim afterwards - they’re fun, and can really liven up a dull week. Office work can sometimes feel a little rigid, perhaps even unrewarding, and a successfully pulled off prank can give everyone a chance to feel brighter. Here are the top ten office pranks, which are neither cruel nor unusual, but are guaranteed to be winners.

"How we laughed and laughed!"

1. The Office Garden – for this you’ll need an old keyboard (the same model as used by your victim), soil, watercress seeds, and a little bit of water. Scatter soil and seeds in the keyboard, sprinkle water, and wait with love. Swap your victim’s keyboard with your specially prepared one. Imagine the surprise when plants start growing underneath their fingertips!

2. Maybe it’s Maybelline – anything involving a phone is great. For an easy joke, spread eye shadow on a friend’s phone. Dust it on the receiver and give them a call. The best part is that eye shadow, unlike other staining materials, won’t ruin clothing. It’ll just leave them with a blue ear!

3. BSOD – the Windows blue screen is dreaded and feared. It’s a sign your computer has suffered a crash and requires a complete system reboot. At least, that’s what it’ll seem like with this blue screen screensaver.

4. Sparkle Sparkle – put glitter on top of a chosen victim’s ceiling fan blades for a glittery surprise.

5. All I want for Christmas – this is one where you might need a bit of help. Ask around the office if anyone has any spare wrapping paper left from Christmas. When a friend is away on a business trip or takes a day off, enlist a team of elves to wrap up their office with festive paper as a homecoming (or ‘office’ coming) gift.

6. It’s the Great Packing Peanut, Charlie Brown – you know those little polystyrene twists that come in huge piles inside boxes? And how they instinctively know to join together in great collectives inside your office? And that they never seem to go away? Why not move them to a new home… like the drawers, desk and office of a co-worker…

7. There’s Always Room for Jello – this prank is inspired by The Office. Take one packet of jelly cubes. Add vital office equipment. Cool and allow to set. Serve as required.

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