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10 Must Have Apps for Small Businesses

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Running a business is difficult enough without having to get your head around security, expenses and document storage. We take a look at some of the necessary apps that help small businesses stay in control and move forward without creating unnecessary problems.

1. Asana makes complicated work management software a thing of the past: work projects and personal calendars are combined to create an easily manageable schedule all on one interface.

2. Expensify is a nifty little app to help you keep track of your expenses. By scanning and uploading receipts, and automatically importing credit card activity, it waves goodbye to all of that paperwork and hunting through receipts that have piled up after a business trip. Expensify also helps users manage mileage and send any expenses to employers or clients with the click of a button.

3. InDinero has helped millions of small businesses manage their day-to-day spending by predicting future cash flows based on previous ones.

4. Square, created in 2010, is becoming invaluable for small businesses that need to take credit card payments but don’t have the funds available for the machinery or software. The app is available for all smart phones or tablets and takes a small 2.75% of any payment taken, rather than charging monthly fees.

5. Tripit is a handy app for those on the move. It stores and organises everything from flight itineraries to boarding cards and car hire details on the go.

6. Evernote is a popular app used by millions to capture, share and remember information. Now, for small businesses, there is Evernote Business. The app is designed to help you build and be in control of your business and everything that your colleagues or employees are doing as well as being a great platform for sharing company ideas and information.

7. Dropbox is a cloud storage platform that allows you to store anything from images and PowerPoint presentations to documents and videos. Once Dropbox is installed on your devices anything you save will be available across them and online so you or your colleagues can access them anywhere and anytime.

8. Microsoft Office 365 is the all-new app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that allows you to create and edit documents.

9. Adobe SiteCatalyst Visualise lets you analyse web traffic over the past 90 days. Its ability to focus on specific data points means that sending presentations and reports to colleagues is quick and easy.

10. oneSafe is a program designed to securely store passwords between all apple items – Mac, iPhone and iPad. It is Apples best attempt at security yet and is paving the way for OS X Mavericks 10.9, which arrives later in the year. oneSafe isn’t packed full of the features that OS X Maverick boasts but is a necessary security measure until the time comes to upgrade.

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