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8 reasons why you shouldn’t fear the office Christmas Party

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1. It’s a great way to network

Rather than looking at the office Christmas party as a scary
social event that could end in disaster, view it with the future in mind; wouldn't it be great to have a promotion by the time the next one comes around? Impress the bosses with your social etiquette and professionalism and make sure that you rub shoulders with the right people.

2. Don’t worry if you don’t know as much about the business as your colleagues

If the conversation gets too technical for you, look at it as a chance to ask questions - without trying to dampen the party spirit - listen in and show your interest. Everyone likes to be asked questions on an areas of their expertise. Your colleagues will appreciate it, and it is likely they'll ask a bit more about what you do too.

3. If you worry too much, it’ll show

If you’re nervous and have planned everything to down to the last tee, you’re more likely to mess up. You'll over compensate by saying the wrong thing or drinking too much in order to take the edge off. Rely on your natural confidence. And smile.

4. You can do the small talk

Scared of getting stuck for something to say? Don’t be, feel free to wander off, have a quiet moment, pull yourself together then rejoin the party. If anyone notices your absence just say that you were talking to Ned from accounts. Even if Ned does not exist.

5. Free food and drink

Hopefully your firm are nice and generous at Christmas time, so you've got every reason to look forward to a decent spread - plus you won't have to do the washing up! Whether it is a buffet or sit-down dinner, it's nice to feel rewarded for all the hard work you've put in over the year.

6. Meet with friends

Most people have someone in the office they consider to be a friend - think of it as an opportunity to catch up and avoid talking about business.

7. A chance to dress up

Your party outfit is a chance to show your character and style - dress to impress! Everyone sees you in the same old suits and shirts - you can still be professional and dressed up. Just make sure you're not showing too much flesh or attracting unwanted attention.

8. There’s always someone else that’ll have one more glass of Bailey’s than you

Hopefully. Obviously this doesn’t give you carte blanche to drink the bar dry, nor does it mean to say that you can rely on a colleague to act like a fool. Drink responsibly and know when to stop - it's good advice that others should probably heed.

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